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Tech computer science in the twentieth century, one of the newest and wonderful. From the invention of the computer education, business, banking, communications and services, Attractions, medical, social life is greatly impact has been observed in all cases.

The last decade in the global arena has witness a tremendous growth in the area of information technology. Rapid advances in the technologies for communication media like television, computer, internet, printing and publishing has enabled us to get prompt access to required information.

The IT industry has become the world's most powerful. The development of society and economy, especially in the developed world has become the backbone of the industry. IT Sector is a major source of employment growth in the world has emerged as.

So RAJEEV GANDHI YOUTH COMPUTER SHIKSHA PARISHAD  India's intention to obtain the power of the digital society and knowledge-based economy in the world is being transformed into the first row. Computer education to every citizen of India to reach And by providing computer education to students of any conventional system that crosses traditional way of life by providing job-oriented education as well as knowledge-based society to be included in India Smart Digital.

Finally, for those who attempt to RAJEEV GANDHI YOUTH COMPUTER SHIKSHA PARISHAD    Division of the affection and guidance, and job-oriented students to become truly benefit if we think that our efforts will be fruitful.